Dear CSA members,


Happy Spring to you! The snow is finally gone, the days are warmer and longer, and the land is coming back to (visible) life. We are so excited to be working outside again, getting crops ready for the season.


Before we talk about what’s been going on at our farm over the past month, we want to remind you all that the balance for the CSA payment is due by April 15th. For those of you who have already paid in full, we thank you very much, and please disregard this reminder.


Our CSA filled up in mid March. We have a total of 98 families, some with half shares, some with full, and a few with one-and-a-half, and even two shares, for a grand total of 80.5 shares. We have had additional requests since the CSA filled up, and we’re putting people on next year’s waiting list.  Wow! We’re amazed at this positive response, and especially at the fact that our CSA has expanded mostly through word-of-mouth. Thank you for referring people to us. We are grateful. Now, we can focus on growing the food, and doing what we love – farm.


We’ve been getting busy out in the field. After all the snow melted in early March, we had some windy days, which dried up the land enough for us to work it. Since then, we’ve been doing lots of cleaning and prepping beds for planting; adding soil amendments and fertilizers; planting; irrigating; and covering with plastic and sandbags. So far, we’ve planted approximately 50 beds with the following crops: lettuces, spicy greens for our spicy salad mix, radishes, turnips, arugula, beets, carrots, peas and broccoli raab.


Remember the tiny onion shoot picture in our last newsletter? Well, things have changed a lot. All the onions have sprouted and they’ve been growing quite a bit this month.  We’re planning to transplant them all in the ground mid-April, and until then we intend to take good care of them in the greenhouse, giving them the best start in life we possibly can.











Here are some close ups of other vegetables growing in the greenhouse:

      Onions                             Cabbage                             Lettuces                  & Garlic in the field



And this is what our field looks right now. The sea of plastic you see in this picture is needed to grow crops at this time of year.  One layer of plastic gives us 35-40F temperature rise when the sun is out, allowing many crops to grow early.











We have been very happy with how the claytonia has been growing!  And people are loving it in our winter salad mix. Here is one of the beds we have been harvesting from for the Farmers’ Market and the pickup we have been doing at the house.  This was seeded in mid-fall.



















Ed recently reached PhD status, that is, Professional hole Digger.  The property now has fence poles all the way around to eventually keep out the deer.  This month we will string electric fence to complete the job.





We’ll end by saying that things are going very well at the farm and we are grateful. We thank you for being part of our CSA and supporting this way of growing food. We do it because we believe that it’s the best thing we can do for our environment, for our family, and for you. We dare to hope that by eating fresh, healthy food grown close to home, we will all be healthier, more aligned with Nature, more aware of what we’re putting in our bodies, where it comes from, and how it comes about;  we hope that this awareness will lead us to be kinder to the Earth and to each other.


Thank you – Ed and Raluca