What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Being part of a CSA is an agreement between you and us, the farmers. As a CSA member, you pay upfront for a share of the seasonís harvest, which we grow and distribute to you on a weekly basis.  Being in a CSA gives you the assurance that you will share in the fresh, healthy vegetables we produce at our farm.


As a CSA member, you will have access to our recipe book which contains advice on storing and recipes for preparing the vegetables we grow.  You will see where and how your food is grown, and share in the joys and disappointments of crops as they come in season. You will be able to rest assured that your food is produced locally and healthfully, without any pesticides, with great attention given to quality, and in a way that respects the integrity of land, water, air and other natural elements.


Participating in a CSA is a way of investing in your familyís health, as well as the environmentís, and it is also a way of strengthening the food security of your community. It is important to be aware that by participating in a CSA you assume some risk, just as we, the farmers, do. Unpredictable weather and other forces of nature may reduce or destroy crops thus affecting what you get and how much.


Our CSA does not have a work requirement, but as a member, we value your feedback and input regarding our farmís operation.