Farm Rules


1.     Electric Fencing is on at all times in order to contain our cows. This could be dangerous, especially for babies and little children. You are fully responsible for your children’s and your own safety while on the farm.  Children must stay with you at all times and, if your children do not listen extremely well to your direction, then you shouldn’t bring them outside of the CSA pickup / sales area.

2.     Respect the animals and the fields:  Please do not yell around the animals (or moo, it is a sign of distress), or bother them in any way.  Also, be mindful of where you’re walking when out in the field, and keep to the paths only. Again, be responsible for your children’s behavior.

3.     The farm is a working environment. There are rakes, hoes, tractors, power tools, and other dangerous implements lying around. When you are here, you take full responsibility for your own safety and that of your family.

4.     Our farm is also our home. Please respect our privacy and only come during business hours, unless otherwise prearranged.

5.     Please do not bring pets to the farm. Dogs are problematic, especially off the leash. Cattle are generally terrified of them, and in the past we’ve had a dog kill some of our poor chickens.