CSA Duration and Share Pickup Times

May 30th through October 13th (20 weeks – same as in the past).

Box pickup:     Mondays, 3 to 7pm, at the farm.

Debit pickup:  Thursdays, 3 to 7pm, at the farm.


Full payment is due by 5/1/2016. As in past years, we have discounts for cash payments and for shares larger than one.

Full Share:

·         $630 for cash payment

·         $650 for check payment

1 ˝ Share (available for Debit option only):

·         $905 for cash payment

·         $925 for check payment

Double Share:

·         $1180 for cash payment

·         $1200 for check payment

Which Share is Right for Me?


This is highly variable based on your family’s dietary and lifestyle choices, such as how much time you spend cooking, how often you eat out, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, how strict you are about eating local, in-season food, how much food preservation you do, and so on.


To get a good idea of how much is in a share, you should look at its value. For example, a Regular share will give you a total of $650 in veggies, which is an average of $32.50 per week for twenty weeks. Our vegetable prices are comparable to local farmers’ markets, so ask yourself if $30 usually buys you enough veggies to meet your family’s needs for a week. If it is, then a Regular share will probably work for you. If it is not, or if you plan to do quite a bit of freezing, canning, etc., you may want to go with a larger share.