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For next year, should we make our standard share:

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Would you like it if we changed the CSA to be all debit? With the debit option, you control the variety and quantity of vegetables you get each week. You order online and the value of your order is debited from your original payment. You have to use up your full share value before the CSA ends. If you use it all up before the CSA ends, you can pay extra, or stop coming.

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Our Responses

I wish that i could check my balances weekly, without slowing down the check-out.  Could you print out balances next to initials, and let that be available to folks as they wait to check out?

Thank you for the comments. We'll work on improving the checkout and having the balance available.

Fabulous veggies - how about multi-colored carrots.

We'll consider it, we have very good feedback on the varieties we are currently growing, but it is fun to experiment.

Wonderful year

This was the best growing season since we started farming.

We are in total agreement that we need local and organic produce.  However, this year we found it difficult to use all our allotted money each week as our garden did well with some vegetables.  We also don't eat as many greens because of medications that are affected by greens. Next year we may need to rethink our order.

Glad to hear that your garden did so well.  Please give us a call and we can talk about what may make sense for you in 2015.

I count Shundahai as a huge blessing on multiple levels.  I'm grateful my family is eating clean healthy food raised with the care and intelligence you bring.  I'm grateful that we're doing less damage to the earth in this corner of our existence; we're certainly doing enough elsewhere, though working on that slowly.  I'm grateful for the example you two have set for me in taking risks and doing so much learning.  I'm grateful that my daughters can see and know where their food comes from.  I'm grateful for the bulletins and the bits of conversation that make me think about food, organics, decisions y'all make. 

This work has to work for you two and your family also.  If you made some progress on that front--even if it led you to cut a corner you don't totally feel good about--please do accept that, and make this sustainable for you. 

Thank you for all your thoughtful words.  Running a business and trying to have time for family is definitely a challenge,but we're working on finding the right balance.

I loved the flat green beans.  Any possibility of having escarole?

If we hear from more CSA members, we'll consider it!

Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to the farm and the CSA process.  We are (again) delighted with the bountiful, beautiful, delicious, and healthy food you grow for our community.   And we appreciate knowing the wonderful people who grow our food! 

You're welcome. Positive CSA member interactions are what makes us want to continue.

Great job we loved it
Thank you

We are happy to hear it!

Thanks for flexibility allowing me to do summer vacation weeks only.  We would've missed you otherwise!  See you next season.

Not a problem, it is the time when veggies are most bounitful, so it worked for us as well.

Another happy year with the CSA! The variety this year was great! Thanks for all your hard work!

It was a great season, glad you enjoyed it!

Another great year!  I like the fact that we can choose either the box or debit plan.  Thanks for everything!

You're welcome!

Great service and thanks for the recipes! Helps to open our eyes about possibilities and makes it seem like there is "more" :-)

We'll try to keep the recipes coming…

Thanks for the great food you grew this summer!
I hope you have put lots by for the winter.

Each year our winter stores are more bountiful, and it is nice that we are now able to have fruit in the winter for ourselves, and someday soon for our customers as well.

I'm constantly enthusiastic about my quest to give you money for good food.  Keep up the good work.

That quest is working well for both of us, we should both keep it up!

This year we switched to the box method and I like it so much more.  I like the Thursday pickup so I know what I have before shopping and I like that I can select what vegs I will use.  Will you ever have eggs on a regular basis? 

We are happy to hear debit method is working for you.
As for eggs, we won't have significantly more.  Grain prices (for chicken feed) on our scale are too high to allow us to sell eggs at a price that would be considered reasonable.  Sorry.

I like the indoors, plenty of room for the food to be spread out for selection on the wooden trays/tables.

I found the green paper boxes helpful for transport and to keep food in at our table, thank you

Glad to hear the improvements have worked out, please let us know if there is anything you think we can do to make it a little better.

Ordering electronically two days before pickup helped us plan our meals better and use up all  we purchased.  Green onions would be welcome regularly.  We missed the okra, although realistically would only order it a couple of times. We looked forward to pick up day and always found it pleasant.  We are grateful for your many efforts and your food is wonderful! 

This was our worst year for okra.  CT's season is a bit short for okra, sometimes it does okay, but this was not the year for it.
Glald to hear you enjoyed the pick up and the veggies!

We are very satisfied with your farm.  We like the variety of veggies and are always impressed with how beautiful the veggies look!
Keep up the good work!

Great!  We do aim for very high quality and we hope to meet that 90% of the time.

I am so grateful for everything you do.  Thank you!  Would love to see blueberries, peaches, apples ... if you are considering more fruit.

The blueberries, peaches and apples are growing, as well as pears.  They need a few more years to come to full production though.

I'd be interested in bulk jalapenos and bulk tomatillas next year. I also wonder if Raluca might consider doing a cheese class this winter

2014 was our first year growing tomatillos; they did very well and we will continue to grow them as well as the jalapenos.  Ask if you want a large quantity.
As for cheese classes, Raluca feels she needs another year's experience before teaching a class, but feel free to ask her questions!

Loved the efficiency of ordering & pickup.
As always, the quality of your veggies is beyond words. Our family eats so well.  I give thanks for what you do, the opportunity to participate in  this great program and the health and happiness of your family too!

Glad to hear the ordering and pickup is going well.  Thank you for the kind words.

Is there a way to change debit to Tuesday pick up for a while?

We probably won't change the pickup days.  This would only make sense if we expanded considerably, which we are currently not up for.  Sorry.

only when possible for purchase total

it would be nice to be able to view the balance online

I don't think we'll be able to make that technological leap at this point.  But we are considering options for better customer viewing of balance/sales amount

No real problems with anything. A couple ideas: certain crops are labeled on the order form as "probably the last week" or something like that to let people know its season is coming to a end. If that could be done on other crops, like cabbage, I would appreciate it. If you're only having one planting it would warn me that I better get some (even if I already had some from the store in the fridge!) Along the same vein, maybe on the order form you could let people know what they might expect for the following week ("Cabbage next week!").

Also, I order the veggies and my husband is usually the one who picks up them up. The remaining balance doesn't make it home with the order! If that could somehow be communicated electronically it would help, or else maybe you could have scrap paper at pick up and jot it down so he could put it in the bag with the goodies. Thank you!

Thank you for all the feedback. 

We'll try to provide more info on what is coming to an end and what crops will be coming soon.

We'll also try to have a box of scrap paper and pen for customers to write things down.

Enjoyed the abundance of fresh vegetables this season. The addition of eggs is good. It would be nice to have fruits as well. Watermelon this season was great. Also, I believe some members from previous years suggested getting together and having a potluck (at the end of the season, perhaps?). I think it is a great way of sharing recipes, growing tips, etc., and meeting like-minded people. Overall, enjoyed this season very much and would like to express my gratitude to all four of you --  Ed, Raluca, Sena, and Aiyana -- for your hard work. Hopefully, the next season will be just as good!

Thank you for the suggestions.  We want to do potlucks, but the year flies by and we run out of steam toward the end of the season.  Please talk to us about potlucks and we will try to make it happen in 2015.

Fruits have been planted, it will take 3-5 years before we start getting significant quantities.  We want them sooner too!

More availability of cherry tomatoes - hard to be limited to 1-2 pints per week. Golden beets.

Beans were wonderful this year. You are so organized, it's a pleasure to pick up. We would interested in grains - don't know enough to specify.

Thanks for a great year.

2014 was okay for tomatoes, but our yields were down quite a bit from previous years.  We made some mistakes, not to be repeated.  We should have more going forward.

We are looking into grains.  We already grow our own corn for grinding, and we buy wheat and grind it ourselves.  Let us know what you may be interested in.

I appreciated the reminder emails on thurs.  This was particularly helpful once semester began.  Aldo, putting the order in closer to pickup day worked better for planning purposes.  Pickup at beginning of work would work better for us.

Thank you for the feedback on what is working, it is important for us to know.

You guys are so AWESOME!  We continue to learn so much from you as we adapt to a more wholesome lifestyle.  {My partner} is lactose intolerant...we have been using the Baldwin Farm Raw Milk and he has not had any problems.  :)    Next on my list cheese making.  :)  We can't tell you enough enough how much we truly appreciate all you do to grow us healthy food.  I always admire the beauty of it before I eat it.  It looks too good to eat...so vibrant in color and nutrients. Thanks so much!
Love you guys!

We are so happy that you guys are in our lives as well and we are honored to grow food for your friends and community.

The variety and amounts were excellent.  You fill such a need in our town and our lives.  Thank you.
I hope you continue to sell during the winter and spring!  After you take a vacation, of course. :)

We are lucky to have a community that appreciates this food so much.  Winter sales are looking promising!

Thank you for growing such delicious, healthy food!  We were thrilled once again this year with the selection that was available each week.  Your farm and your vegetables make such a difference in our lives.  I thought the ordering and pickup process was much smoother this year.  Electronic ordering works perfectly for us.  Loved reading the farm news, too.

Thank you! We, too, enjoy putting out farm news on a regular basis.

We really enjoyed all the vegetables this year!

Great to hear that!

What was sublime in taste and texture this year were: zucchini, yellow squash, beets, green beans, dill, kale, and carrots. Wonderful!!  Humble zucchini never tasted so flavorful! Beets were silky and rich edible jewels. Green beans we ate with our fingers boiled, buttered and salted like a snack food. Could eat those every day.

Would love to see: Brussels sprouts, celery, heads of romaine, and much more green beans and sweet potatoes.

For joint health we are avoiding nightshade vegetables, so we avoided tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant.

Heads of cabbage for fermented sauerkraut would be great, as well as musk melon and Tuscan melon.

We do not support farms that are biodynamic.  Please continue to be forthcoming about your methods of agriculture.

Overall a very, very good year indeed. Thank you for all your dedication, planning, patience, and hard work.

Wow!  We need you writing our recipe book.  Excellent description of the vegetable flavors.

Brussels sprouts come late in the season, (they need a few frosts to be tasty) - hopefully you got to enjoy them in the post CSA season.  We have tried celery, but it doesn't tend to do well in New England.  We should have more green beans in 2015; the sweet potatoes have to be harvested late, end of Sept, early Oct, but they were plentiful in 2014.  We'll consider doing head lettuces - romaine, as well as musk and Tuscan melons.

The beauty of local is to know exactly what you are getting and how it is grown.  Please ask all the questions you want.

Thanks for the great food.  We are sad not to have it all year.

We should be much closer to year-round this year.  I guess it is good to miss things at times…

Thanks for another great year!!
It was very helpful for us to be able to pick up after closing as Thursdays are tough for us!
I wonder if that might work for others and if you had some sort of box or "cubbies" by the parking area it wouldn't be as disruptive to your family.  Just a thought.
Be well and have a great Winter!
I look forward to seeing you all out and about.

Not a problem, thank you for the ideas.

It was a bountiful season and while it seemed to get off to a slow start...the summer was terrific. veggies were great!  Anything you can think of to streamline the pick up would be appreciated, particularly when i have to have others pick up for me.  
There were alot more people this year...and it was noticeable at pickup.  It all felt busier...longer waits...and rushed at times. 

Please don't tell us your total purchase for the day at pickup.  if people want that. send in an email at the end of the week. 

June will always be a limited month.  We plant as early as possible (we start some items in February for the CSA), but there are limitations.

Thank you for letting us know how it felt this year, we'll see what we can do to make it smoother for 2015.

Love your veggies, love that I know they are healthy and chemical free for me and my family. I can't ask for any more, you guys are providing such a wonderful service to the community! I just hope to continue to get veggies from you for years to come!

We are happy to be able to offer this food to our community!

You all do a wonderful job!  The produce this year was so wonderful.  It took me a year or two to get used to cooking so many veggies.  I have made stewed tomatoes with a lot of the tomatoes.  The quality of the produce is really great!  Now, we eat it all, cook and freeze it, and give a really little bit away. 
Keep up the great work! 
Sign us up for next year!
Heather & Frank

Great!  Happy to hear we have been a part of adding different foods to your plate.

If you switched to all debit, would you still have a choice of pick-up days?  I like Mondays as the pick-up day, but I imaging I could get used to Thursdays also.  I love the box method since I don't have to think and order. Also, it's such a treat to be surprised by what is set out for us.  At the same time, the debit method would allow me to get more lettuce, and less of what I may not need a certain week.  And the debit method would automatically take care of skipping the pick-up for vacations.   Hmmm.  Not sure.  I would suggest more lettuce since this is a daily veggie for me, and maybe many others.  I do run out.  Otherwise -- no complaints!  If you go to all debit, I'll manage even if I might prefer the box...  Thank you for providing such wonderful food for us!

We have done Box on Monday and Debit on Thursday.  That is MUCH easier for us to coordinate than both on both days.

We loved it. We some choices each week, but were still introduced to new veggies and inspired to cook with a broader variety that we normally would. The amount was great for us, as we just about used up our veggies by the end of each week.

Great!  Happy to hear it worked so well.

Really liked the multiple choices in each box.


Your  carrots, red peppers and orange cherry tomatoes were more favorites.  However everything was fantastic.  I would be willing to pay more so I won't have to choose (for instance) between kale and Swiss chard.  Love them both.

Thank you for letting us know what are our favorites, this helps us plan.  Glad to hear you liked everything so much!

We love our veggies!  The carrots, tomatoes and lettuce are fan favorites.  I'm working on incorporating the kale in better ways.  Our family loves broccoli, asparagus, celery, potatoes, garlic, hot peppers, onions, cilantro,and tomatillo.  We struggle with radishes, kale, eggplant, and bok Choy.  We're try on to experiment but sadly I feel too much food ends up in the compost. 

We love the amazing food you provide and your sweet family!

Debit method definitely sounnds more appropriate for your family.  For box, you definitely have to be willing to go with the flow regularly (this wouldn't work for our family either). 
Happy to hear ou enjoyed the food.

Delicious produce and a wonderful pick-up experience!  We would have enjoyed more pick-your-owns, if that's possible.  This year I felt sometimes that there were hard choices to make between 2 veggies in a single 'pick one' section, so I'm leaning towards trying debit.  I also found that sometimes the portion size was too small for a side dish for a family of 4 -- e.g. one container of green beans -- so then I'd have these awkward small servings of some veggies that didn't feel worth the effort it took to prepare, since we couldn't all eat it.  I thought the debit system might solve this, too.  Otherwise, I'd opt to increase the standard share by 25%.  But as always, your hard work and beautiful vegetables were much appreciated!

Pick-your-own blueberries will eventually be part of the CSA, but that is some years away.

After harvesting on pick up days we sometimes must decide whether to have smaller portion sizes and give everyone multiple crops, or to give larger portion sizes but make members choose between crops.  Maybe the latter is a better option.  We'll consider upping portion sizes, especially on the beans.
Thank you for the feedback.

Very very pleased with the CSA - heartily recommend it to our friends

Thank you for recommending us!

Change holiday pickup to the next non holiday.  Would love it if your parking area was a little more consistent. Fill in the holes and make it easier to drive and walk on. Other than that, I liked the variety of vegetables this year compared to last year with exception of the items usually placed in the "chard" box. I'm not interested in that at all!

Thank you for all the suggestions - we'll consider the holiday switch and Ed does need to clean up the parking lot!

Having done both the box and the debit options in the past, I really liked having one share of each option this year.  The box option is easy and offers a nice selection and quantity for our needs.  It was great to pick up on Monday and then restock on Thursday with the debit option and only get what I needed.  I love ordering the debit choices ahead of time online.  It really speeds up the process when I get there and I'm sure it helps you out, too!

Glad to hear it worked so well, and we're happy you are back!

We'd like to stick to the Box method but if it is truly better for you guys that's fine.

Thank you for thinkng about us.

The box method stays true to the concept of a CSA to me. Share in the wealth and the drought.

I love having options to choose from in the bins. I can avoid veggies I don't love and try new veggies.

The box method does make a lot more sense, in theory, for the farmer.  We all enjoy the feast and famine of what mother nature dictates.  The season may be exceptional for some crops and not so for others, and the CSA members will experience that uncertainty.

Thanks so much for a great year. Hope you have a great slightly off season.

Thank you for the well wishes in our slower season.

I am not sure how to answer the two preceeding questions.  They do not get at the main issue I had with the CSA this year.  I would have been very satisfied with the current box method and quantity if it were possible to have made DIFFERENT, not just more,  choices.  To wit:  it seemed that we were always "forced" to take lettuces and tons of small tomatoes which I would have gladly given up in order to be able to have, for instance, eggplant, red peppers, AND zucchini ( if they happened to be in the same "choose two" bin).  Lettuce and tomatoes and many herbs are in my own garden and are relatively easy for the hobby gardener to grow.  I like the CSA to provide those things that are more difficult for me to grow at home. 
If your "choose two" bin system remains the same, I might be inclined to switch to the debit method so I can get more of the vegetables that we enjoy.
Of course, I must add, that it is always a pleasure to bring home a bag of your beautiful and delicious poduce.

For most of our box customers the lettuces and tomatoes are a weekly staple, since most do not have a garden.  Greater flexibility of choices would be a great logistical challenge for us, therefore choosing the debit option would likely make more sense for you.  Many of our debit customers do have gardens; the farm is to add those things they are not growing.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and we hope the debit option works for you.

I think I may try debit.  We usually eat all the lettuce and other salad types on the first day so we'd get more of those. things that aren't a staple for us become more of a burden to find a use for.  I hate when something spoils because I just didn't have time or didn't quite know what to do with it or didn't quite have enough.  I am learning new ways to keep things though.  I learned pickling this year which is great for the pickles and jalapenos.  I freeze kale to  crumble it into eggs and smoothies.  the tomatillos are also quick to roast and make salsa from which also can be frozen. 

Keep up the good work.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the salad so much and you are learning to pickle and freeze more things.  Debit certainly makes more sense for a number of people and will likely work well for you.

The tomatillos were great. Thanks for adding them to the mix.

We were very happy with how the tomatillos did this year as well.

{My wife} and I could do either method.  The food is always fantastic, and we're lucky to have your guys as local farmers. 

Thank you for the kind words.

We were very happy with our veggies... selection and variety.  We love our greens!  I don't think we can afford to pay more, but maybe if others wanted to get more and pay more - then have 2 options.  But that sounds very complicated for you.  Maybe. 

We are just happy to have you grow food we know is safe, healthy and beautiful.  Thank you and keep up the wonderful work... we love you!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and suggestions.

We really enjoyed the CSA this year. The fruits and veggies were great as usual, and there was a good amount of variety and quantity. One relatively minor concern was that the level of salad was a bit much for us. Last year there were some weeks without salad, which we found helpful.

Thank you for the kind words, and we'll think about how to try to accommodate more people's preferences (ie the weekly salad).

I was disappointed that the price went up but the season was shorter.
Overall, though, I am deeply grateful for your hard work and that you are so close to my home.

The 2013 and 2014 seasons were the same duration, 20 weeks.  We understand that our veggies may have a higher price than the grocery store.  Please realize that you are buying unsprayed vegetables from us, something you will rarely get from a grocery store (whether labelled organic or not).  Also, you are paying for the connection to your farmer, and your food, which you only get when businesses are small.

We like the basic vegetables. Larger quantities of these and less kale and chard would be great.

Thank you for the feedback, and we will consider this with the other comments.

I like the box method as I don't have to determine the cost for each purchase.  I would think this is easier for you as well as you don't have to ring up every order.  

Request: parsnips

I don't like the policy that you may be throwing vegetables away that don't get picked up.  Can we discuss other possibilities? 

The box definitely has advantages for us, which we try to pass along to box members by giving larger quantities of produce that is doing well.  We asked about switching to all debit because member satisfaction is usually higher with debit. We almost never throw vegetables away - we give them away if they are not picked up as scheduled, or feed them to our cows, or as a last resort  put them on the compost pile, where they decompose and eventually get incorporated into the soil to grow more food.

We've had two CSA members pick up veggies for the soup kitchen at times.  If this is something you are interested in doing, please let us know.

I would love to get some of your raw milk. I know you are planning on using it all but if there is any extra, please consider selling it. Although you probablly need some licensing for that.

To sell milk requires a licensed facility, something on the order of a $30k in infrastructure.  For the small farm it isn't practical, but we may have milking cows for sale!

We like the box method but would like the option to purchase more each week. In the past you used to have tables that we could purchase extra vegetables from. The ability to order online with the debit method is something that we would consider.
We would also love to get notified ahead of time (even the night before) what our options will be for the week. It's hard to plan for our meals for the week without knowing what vegetables we are getting.

Years ago we had debit and box on the same days.  This was very difficult for us to coordinate (but it did give customers the option of buying additional items), so we switched to one day box, one day debit. 

On box days, we try to distribute all we have to the CSA - if we held things back for sale we'd feel awkward for not distributing what we have.

We'll try to be better about letting you know what is coming.   Thank you for the input.