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Box Option Comments

Any other comments about last year's box versus this year's?

What are your favorite and/or least favorite things about the CSA?

Please add any additional comments: what you liked this season and what we can do better; requests for other veggies, grains, etc.; what direction you would like to see the farm go in; or anything you want to share.

Our response


The taste and knowing when the food comes from.

We've loved the veggies.  The only ones I can think of that would be nice to also have would be kohlrabi or leeks.

We'd love to grow what you suggested. Unfortunately with the limited amount of land we have, we always have to choose which crops to plant and which not to. There are many aspects to making that decision, and financial is one of them. Some crops simply do not pay their own way for the amount of labor and space they require and the amount people are willing to pay for them. Broccoli is like that, and okra, and others. Don't know about leeks or kohlrabi, but we'll consider them.


There aren't any things that we don't like.  It's fun to see what veggies we get for the week and plan our meals around the veggies!  We've tried some new meals which has been lots of fun.

I wish I could be of help but we've thoroughly enjoyed the experience but most of all of the great vegetables you've provided.  You've done such a great job the only problem is that there is only 1 more week:)

Thank you for all the comments!






I did the bix this year and felt like we got too many tomatoes. With the debit option last year, I was able to get the number of tomatoes I wanted. This year with the box I felt like I was forced to take home way too many tomatoes.

Having tried the box and debit method, I think I'm going to go back to debit next year. It gave me more flexibility. That being said we loved the vegetables we got this year and really challenged ourselves to come up with new preparations. Thanks for all your work!

Most people want lots of tomatoes, the survey tells us, and that is why we distributed the quantities we did each week. The downside of the Box method is that you get what the majority wants, not exactly what you want.  But we're glad to read that you'll do the Debit method in 2014, and that it has worked better for you in the past. 


We enjoyed the way you set up the box method, because we felt we had a good amount of options. We liked the high quality of all the vegetables, but particularly the tomatoes and carrots.

I'm allergic to onions and to a lesser extent, garlic. It would be helpful in the box method to pair them with another choice, although looking back at it usually worked out ok.

We really liked the fruits we got from you, is there a way to offer more?

Thanks again for the tour of the farm earlier this summer, it was really great!

Thank you! We do have an orchard with apples, pears and Asian pears, and peaches will be planted in 2014, so in the next 3 years you should start seeing some more fruit. Also, we will continue with raspberries, and blueberries will be planted in 2014 as well.










I don't like Monday pick ups.  I am a scheduler, so I like to have my meals planned for the week.  Not knowing what veggies I get makes that planning difficult.  If the pick up was closer to the end of the week, I am able to be a lot more flexible with my weekend meals. 
I liked being able to choose what I wanted from each table.  I find that system to be very accommodating.


We recommend going with the Debit method. That way you know exactly what you're getting each week, and the pickup is on Thursday instead of Monday.

The process was streamlined and hopefully helped you guys save time since you didn't need to pack our bag.

You guys do a wonderful job and we enjoy coming to the farm each week.


The new system seemed to work better for everyone!


They're not about the quality or approach of the farm at all, but for our small family of two adults and one toddler, we plan on for next year instead of doing one share, the other option where we can pay a certain amount to use for vegetables we choose. It's only because some of the weekly staples that were offered just don't go with our taste preferences.


Sounds like the Debit method would suit you better - that way you have full control over what veggies you get each week.

My first year with box option.  Loved it!

Wonderful to share in your experience/bounty and to have fresh, local, lovingly grown food.  Appreciate your kindness and compassion towards all people and things.

I'm hesitant to say this, because it seems trivial.  My observation over the years with the salad greens is that they seems to bruise and wilt more easily/faster than greens I get from other local farms.  I don't do anything different at home, so it puzzles me.  I love when you throw in violas in the spring.

2013 was tough for lettuces, especially at times of high humidity / moisture. We plan to try more resistant varieties in 2014, but PLEASE let us know whenever something seems not right. We eat all the veggies we grow, but certainly not all veggies every week, so unless people tell us, sometimes we don't realize there's a problem.

I like this years.  Last year I felt like there was too much stuff.  This year I felt it was just enough.  I like the variety better this year as well.  The choices were better for me.  Sometimes I wish we could choose two out of the same bin.  But all in all I liked it better this way and I thought it went very well.  I love the freshness and variety.

I love all of the fresh veggies and the variety.  There were too many tomoatoes- but they were delicious and people loved receiving them as gifts.  We are picky- so being able to choose items was better instead of receiving some of everything.

We think you are doing great!  The produce is just excellent.  I have referred several folks to the csa as well. 
Thank you for another great year!

The new system seemed to work better for everyone, and we are happy to hear you are happy with the veggies.  As for the tomatoes, maybe we can try to mix it up and offer another choice.


Veggies were great quality and the presentation was wonderful.

I have my own garden and wanted to join the CSA to experience different types of veggies.  They were all the same ones I already grow.

Our Harvest chart, which was referenced in the CSA information package you received, lists all the crops we grow and distribute to CSA members. We're sorry that you did not read it before signing up.  At conferences we attend, major complaints other CSA customers have had are that they receive exotic vegetables, and not the basics.  We encourage you to look for another CSA that offers the exotic.


Love the orange grape tomatoes and beans!!  Also love the beets and spicy greens!! I would like to see the bins that offer choices changed up a little more.  For example there were a couple of weeks where I had to choose between two things that I really wanted, but was not interested in anything in the next bin that offered choices.  It seemed the same items were often in the same bins.

I would to see more opportunities to buy extra veggies if you have an abundance of a certain items!

For the bins, we try to group vegetables by categories, for example all root vegetables together, all leafy greens together, etc. As far as buying extra veggies, we suggest you switch to the Debit option, which offers more flexibility than the Box. With Debit you can choose which veggies you want and how much.


I like the quality of the veggies and being able to support a local CSA. However, I don't think the distribution was as fair as it can be in terms of the use of the alphabet.

You seem to be expanding very quickly. It seems that there are a few kinks to work out such as fair distribution, variety of veggies, amount. I would prefer to have a larger variety of veggies instead of the huge amounts of salad, tomatoes and cucumbers. I think overall that I'm unsure where your focus is. Are you just trying to expand?

It sounds like our CSA does not work for you. You may be happier with another CSA, or a farmers' market, or the grocery store.  We kept track of what was distributed to everyone for the alphabetical groups, and it was 100% fair.
As far as expansion, our income has been literally at or below poverty levels for years.  So, yes, we do make decisions to ensure our financial survival.


how you are more than organic.

loved the tomatoes, the berries, the brocolli, the peas, the carrots, the lettuce, the spinach, the peppers, the cabbage, the squashes!!!

Great!  We are very happy to hear of your love for this food, and your understanding of beyond organic!


I love the variety and especially the fresh, full flavor of all the vegetables.  Plus everything is washed clean and well organized.

One suggestion, perhaps, to put the bins in order of the heaviest vegetables first, and the more delicate, lighter ones last.  That way, as you put them in your bag, none will be crushed.
We know you guys work hard on behalf of all of us, and we appreciate it.  We pick up on Mondays, and I just notice, because we are vegetarians, that by Wednesday or Thursday, we've eaten everything we got from you!  So perhaps a bit more quantity is all we could ask for.
Plus - maybe there could be a way (without complicating things too much) that we could buy, for example, a 15 week portion - to allow for the weeks we are away.

We suggest going with the Debit option, which will help with the going away problem, and will also allow you to choose how much and which veggies you get every week.

I loved this option! You did a great job of pairing the choices, too.

I love the quality and variety of vegetables.  I have absolutely no complaints.  Thank you so much for your hard work and for all the heart that you put into your work.  It is a pleasure in every way to belong to  the CSA.


Thank you, we are happy to be a part of growing this wonderful food.

We liked having choices about some things.

Favorite -- Variety, knowing that all that wealth is waiting for us each week.  Knowing who it all comes from and your commitment to the land.

Monday pickup -- We never know when we're at the farmer's market on Saturday what we'll be getting on Monday.  We would be happier with mid-week next year.

Regarding corn -- It's worth a try, but tomatoes and peppers are higher on the priority list.

Regarding tomatoes -- We loved how much we got this year, and always have an appetite for more (especially the field-grown ones)

We need to have the pickup days spaced far apart, and therefore one of the pickup days has to be on Monday or Tuesday.
We are happy to hear you enjoyed the bounty of tomatoes.  Some felt like it was too much, so it is good to hear others liked it.
Peppers didn't do great in 2013, hopefully we won't have a spring flood again in 2014 and the yields will be more like previous seasons.


We love the field reports, the tours of the farm, and our chance to talk to you about what's happening every week.  It's the highlight of our summer schedule!  Not to mention the vegetables, which are of course fantastic.  I wish there were more pick-your-own opportunities, but I understand that's not always convenient.  There are no 'least favorites' -- the CSA is a joy for all of us, and we are grateful to have such a wonderful one close to home so we can participate.  Alon and Aviv are getting so much out of it (as you can tell)...as are their parents!

Would you consider ever adding a supplement of dried beans and grains?  The pictures of your family garden from your field report made me wish we could try some!  Since we actually eat a lot of beans at home, I thought it would be wonderful if we could show the kids how they grow and are prepared.  (If this would be too labor intensive to offer as part of the CSA, maybe just a little demo/workshop?)

We are thinking of selling grains in the future. Dried beans are tough, for financial reasons, that's why we only grow them for our family.
As for a demo, please just ask.  Our kids would also be happy to have some helping hands when we are shelling.

I liked the variety of choices this year.

I really enjoy the greens and we didn't seem to have as much kale and beets (with the greens) this year.  I like the chard more consistently too.


2013 was tough for some greens due to heavy rains in June, which brought on cercospora and other moisture-related diseases. The beet greens and chard were seriously affected. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about that. We plan to change the planting schedule somewhat in 2014 to avoid periods of high cercospora incidence.



During the summer of the school year, I would like a little earlier hours maybe 2:00 opening on Mondays.  In addition, the cold refrigeration of the tomatoes definitely affects the taste.  I am disappointed that the tomatoes with holes are placed down so we can't see them and we aren't allowed to touch them to see if they are damaged.

The tomatoes we grow are tender - they are grown for taste and quality, and are not as tough as the ones at the supermarket, which are grown to be able to endure long-distance transportation. Our tomatoes are placed with the stem end down in order to avoid bruising. That is also the reason we request that people don't handle them. We have many people coming to the CSA, and if everyone handled the tomatoes, they'd be mush by the end of the day. It is disheartening to read your suggestion that we're being dishonest by turning the tomatoes upside down to hide defects.


Pick up is well organized and convenient, and the food is exceptional. Are you pursuing partnerships with other kinds of farmers (dairy, coffee roasters)? That might be a way to expand their markets and our choices.

The constant supply of carrots and lettuce was fabulous, and you grow great eggplants. My daughter would love more fruit options- raspberry picking was so much fun, and she would have eaten every watermelon herself. Thank you for a great season!

We are pursuing partnerships with other farmers. The tricky part is finding people who use similar farming practices to us, and who have the time/products to partner up with. As for fruits: we do have an orchard with apples, pears and Asian pears, and peaches will be planted in 2014, so in the next 3 years you should start seeing some more fruit. Also, we will continue with raspberries and blueberries will be planted in 2014 as well.






Favorite - getting fresh local vegetables in a friendly low-pressure environment


Thank you, we are happy to be a part of growing this wonderful food.


I love making pickup a part of our week.  I like my girls to understand that veggies come from farms, not just the supermarket.


We are happy to be a part of the community and to be able to offer this.

We liked the option of different items available.

We thought this year's "box" method was a great improvement.
Allowed more latitude in meal planning portions for what family members liked/disliked on any given week.


We are glad the new box method worked well for people.

Love the new organization

Love supporting your family and the produce is better than anything we've ever purchased from local farms or stores


Thank you.

I liked the fact that I had more choices this year.    I missed the ability to purchase extra things if you had extra available.

I love getting local, fresh vegetables that are grown without pesticides.

The only thing I could think of to wish for would be some kind of option for when we are away on vacation.

Everything was wonderful, thank you for all your hard work.

Please consider the Debit option, which will work better with your vacation time and ability to purchase additional items.






I love coming for my weekly pick-up.  It ensures that my family will eat healthy food.




The organic, fresh produce has no comparison in town.  I miss the lettuces and other produce during the winter when I shop at the local grocery store.  I also love seeing you, Raluca and Ed, and I admire your commitment to organic farming.

Your CSA is the best thing that has happened in Mansfield in the past ten years that we have lived here.  I can't go back to grocery store shopping in the spring, summer, and fall.  Thank you so much for your contributions to your town.

Thank you very much for the kind words.  We are fortunate to be able to have a community that loves what happens on the farm.






The quality of the food is outstanding. I also appreciate how well organized it is and how thoughtful and attentive to detail you both are. The recipes and food storage tips are also great. It has been a great experience.

I am well satisfied with the variety and quality of the vegetables. I really appreciate your pesticide free commitment. Thanks for all your hard work and careful thought.

A hallmark of the farm is demonstrating that beautiful food can be grown without pesticides.  We are happy when people acknowledge this important distinction from most food grown.

Last year I did like the swap table. I missed that a little this time, but the system is very efficient and it was nice to have choices among the bins.

I love your care for your customers and your produce.  I also love the recipes and suggestions for ways to cook the vegetables.  This year's spinach was magnificent.

Thanks for another great year!  You are amazing!

Thank you very much!


Very convenient pick up process, quick and easy.

Would like more berries. We liked this year"s method with choices much better. .

Blueberries are going in the ground this year.


Favorite - Good clean healthy vegetables!  Accidently overhearing how others were cooking them! :)

Least favorite - can't think of anything!

Everything was really great. No ideas for change.  Truly happy with everything the way it is!   Hope you keep on doing what you are doing and thank you so much!

Thank you for your encouraging words!

I LOVE having some choice with the box option.  It was nice to flex things a bit around my moods and preferences.

My least favorite is when it is over for the season.  :(
My most favorite is that you have such a wonderful variety of vegetables.  I loved all the basil we got this year.

I am so happy we found your farm.  I absolutely love getting our veggies every week and I am always sad to see the season end.  I love the variety you provide.  I love how you take turns with veggies when you don't have enough for everyone.  I love the way you did the box option this year.  The way you have things set up suits my needs perfectly, so I have no requests at this time!  Thank you so much for all your hard work.

It's really nice to hear the CSA suited you so well.

Didn't mean to answer above-had the debit option last year

I enjoy the variety but often want more of one thing for a recipe or a large dish. That was limiting for me this year; on the other hand, I like the simplicity of showing up and choosing from the selection available as opposed to ordering every week. I will have to decide what works best for me next year. I love the field reports.

I would like the opportunity to buy more items when I am there. Like more tomatoes :).  But I guess this brings me back to the debit method since it would involve paying at the time which is not convenient for anyone. I am up for grains, cows, corn and anything you want to try. I hope it was a better year for you income-wise, stress-wise and time-for-kids wise.

Debit may work better for you as far as buying extra veggies.

Great set up this year.  So easy to go down the line and pick out the produce :)


Awesome variety and beautiful produce.  we truly appreciate all your hard work. 

Thanks so much!!!

Thank you very much. It makes a difference when we feel that our work is appreciated.

Liked the fact that it gave us some flexibility.


We have enjoyed being a part of the CSA for the past several years.  We both wish you much success for years to come.

Thank you so much!






We loved having, fresh,delicious and pure products that really are satisfying on many levels!

We thought having the opportunity to purchase products before the CSA schedule started was a very welcome practice and hope you can do that again  ..  and just want to Thank You sincerely for your good, albeit hard work!

We do plan to continue selling pre and post CSA.


Freshness of produce. Variety. Friendliness. Being part of something. Supporting local farm

No negatives




we love getting our fresh and delicious veggies from you each week. did the box for the first time this year and really liked that method! there was plenty of choice, but easier than trying to plan a week ahead.


Nice to hear you liked the Box. It does not suit everyone, as it requires some flexibility.

We like the choices.

flexibility and close to home


Great, we like that you're close to us too. We don't want people to travel too far to get here.






Favorite:  love the ease of obtaining fresh vegetables, meeting you both at the pick up, love the vegetables

Least: Pick up on Mondays as the Farmers Market is on Saturday and I don't know what to expect on Monday.

If the corn would take away from other vegetables, I would buy it at the farmers market.

You may want to try the Debit option with pickup on Thursday instead of Monday, and with full choice over what you get each week.


You guys grow the best produce ever and I love that I'm supporting your family rather than some big corporation. I love your farming practices and feel like I'm providing my family truly healthy food. Thank you.


Thank you. We do everything we can to provide our family and yours with truly healthy food.


Quality of veggies was great. The quantity and variety wasn't what I expected. Thought each would be slightly more however I was not disappointed in the CSA.

Again quality was great as well as ease with box option. I was impressed with peak season however other weeks quantity wasn't what I expected. Would love to see more than just veggies!

The beginning and end of the season are just naturally less abundant than the middle. As far as more than veggies, we are planting more fruit, so that will also be part of the CSA in the future.


Appreciate the weekly field report to feel connected to the farming.

Annual shareholders pot-luck to eat and socialize as well as meet other members and say Thank you for growing our food! Volunteer days where small crews can work on a large project that needs to get done or help with "catch up" for certain crops.

We used to have potlucks in the past, but attendance was always sparse and we figured people are just too busy on weekends to attend. We will consider having them again in the future. Also, we did in the past and will continue to  get people involved on large one-time projects, such as a barn raising (January 2014).





We liked it but I missed the swap table.

love having locally grown fresh vegetables - don't like when it's over

Is it possible for you to tell what vegetables we will be getting the following week?  Because when I shop on Saturday knowing I'll be getting cukes or spinach on Monday would be helpful and less wasteful. Thanks so much for all the great food.

We suggest looking at the Harvest chart posted on our webpage to get an idea of what veggies are being harvested / distributed on a particular week.


I thought the bin method was great this year. 

There were instances when I would have liked both items in a bin and none in another.  I know it's probably hard, but little more flexibility would have been nice in a couple instances.  I can't remember specifics.  Of course, I didn't ask at the time so maybe I should have just done that.

Beets weren't listed above.   We love them.

the jalapenos were a great addition.  We freeze them to use over winter in salsa.  It would be good to time with the cilantro. 

Consider a patch of Tomatillos.  Very easy to grow and seem to be trouble free.   Mine are coming in now but I started from seed outside and late.  We roast them, peppers, onions, garlic and blend for a great salsa/condiment.


Thank for your suggestions.


Absolutely love the freshness of the veggies; and knowing that no pesticides were used!


Yes, no pesticides of any kind.


We love you and Ed and the farm is an essential member of the community.

I was surprised that you offered so much lettuce and so little kale and other greens. We don't eat lettuce but we eat lots of kale, chard, beet greens, spinach, etc.

We base what we distribute to Box CSA members on past surveys where you all tell us what crops you want and how much. In the past people have told us that they want lettuces much more than other greens so that's what we distributed. In your case, we think that it makes more sense to go with the Debit option, where you'd have full control over what veggies you're getting each week, instead of getting what the majority of people want.


I had the box option--I LOVED the opportunity to choose from a few items in each section. It allowed me to vary what I chose, try new vegetables, and have enough of my favorites from week to week.

I appreciated the commitment to healthy soil and vegetables. It was interesting learning about the amount of work that goes into this from each week's field report.

The raspberries were a real treat!

brussel sprouts!

I'd be very interested in any options that would allow me to purchase vegetables beyond the regular CSA season (e.g., early spring sales, late fall or winter sales, a winter CSA with pick ups every two weeks, etc.)

I'll mention one more time that the choice of selections within the box option was fantastic--please keep this next year!

Great, thank you for your feedback. We do plan to keep the box option next year. And we will continue to sell vegetables pre and post-CSA if weather allows.

This year allowed for more customized veg selection.


rhubarb,sorrel, stinging nettle in spring
Kale was good this year--not mentioned in list above
Hard to have to choose from bins when you would have liked to use both in a dish--for instance,  choose eggplant OR red peppers --BUT I would like both for ratatouille. 
Overall delicious produce and marvelous addition to our lives.
Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback.


We are totally satisfied.  The quality and quantity of the box option was perfect for us.  We enjoyed the variety.

Kale was not on the survey list. We enjoyed it and would like about the same.
Thank you!

Great to hear the Box method worked for you.


We love the variety of vegetables and the quality was excellent!
We also liked the flexibility of table system to be able to choose between several veggies.

How about leeks?

Getting a share at your farm was one of the best decision we took this year. :)

We are very happy to hear that you think so well of your decision to join the CSA. And we will look into leeks.

Extra choices are great! All good things.

Knowing that a large portion of the money we would spend on vegetables goes to your family/csa and we are all healthier for it. Win win.

Brussel sprouts

Thank you for your feedback.

Really like the new system of speedy choices!

Love the box choices this year. And how quickly we can get through if need be. But also loved that you chit-chatted with my kids every time and got to know them. We were really happy with the veggies and the amount this year (but realize that can vary and are okay with that risk). The orangey cherry tomatoes were amazing this year!

Loved this system.

Excellent. Thank you for the feedback.

Very nice to have all the choices




The chance to choose on occasion was helpful.

The food just tastes delicious and I know I don't have to wash off chemicals.  Nice to check in with Ed and Luca every week and see how the farm is doing.

Last year there was raspberry picking, and we put up several pints.  Don't know if this year's crop was smaller, but it would be nice to have more berries.

We will have more pick your own with raspberries in the future, and blueberries too when they start producing (they're going in the ground in spring 2014 but will not produce for about 2-3 years).


My favorite thing was the difference in taste from home grown vs the supermarket.  Was very satisfied.  Your cherry tomatoes never made it past 2 hours in the house however.  They seemed to disappear!
I really don't have a least favorite thing.

Swiss Chard and cherry tomatoes were my absolute favorite.  I would like baby spinach rather than regular spinach but that is just my preference.

Glad to hear you liked the vegetables. Baby spinach is very tough to harvest, and we'd have to charge more for it, that's why we don't do it.


I liked the variety and taste of all the vegetables.  Overall a great experience.


Excellent. Thank you for the feedback.

I love the choices we get each week. It also seems very organized.

I love that we are supporting local agriculture and a local family business. We love that the vegetables are not sprayed and we can eat them right in the car. I do not expect my produce to look perfect but your produce always tastes amazing. I would like to have more produce for our family each week if there is ever extra. I miss a few extra cucumbers from last year.

We love the fall veggies and would love to have more winter squash and (Hakurei)  turnips. The spicy lettuce and arugula is also great. We really enjoy seeing your family each week. Thank you for all you do... you add so much to our family.

Thank you! Regarding winter squash, 2013 was a tough season for a lot of farmers including us. The yields we got were less than half what we expected, due to weather related fungal problems. We had planned to distribute a lot more to the CSA, and hopefully will be able to do so in the future.

We enjoyed having more choices in terms of which vegetables we got.  Sometimes it was difficult to make a decision when picking from each box.  There were times that we would have liked to have two items from one box and none from the next one.

We love knowing where our produce is coming from, that it's always fresh and that our kids can be a part of the process.  We think that it's a healthier option all around. 
One complaint that we have is that we "loose out" on weeks when we are on vacation especially because our vacations have typically happened when it seems to be some of the most plentiful weeks.  We've been happy that friends or family have been able to enjoy our produce but wish that we could some how "bank" our vacation weeks.

We loved the pick your own raspberries!  The fruit that you grow for us is always well loved and disappears quickly at our house!

Thank you for all that you do!

As far as vacation weeks, we strongly suggest that you consider the Debit option which allows you to miss up to 3 weeks of the CSA and not lose that portion of the share. Thank you for the rest of your feedback.


Vegetables are positively delicious!

More okra and beets, please!
And keep up the good work.

Thank you. Beets will keep coming. Okra is tough. Every year, although people love it, it's a money loser at the price we sell it for, which makes it hard to justify growing it. And it's also hard to raise the price without upsetting people.


Favorite: friendly atmosphere, accessibility, good to support local farm.
Least favorite: disappointed with portions of some of the crops.  for example, cabbage, broccoli, summer squash, eggplant. It seems like some vegetables were harvested earlier than they should have been.

Good luck next year.

Please talk to us about the veggies you think were harvested too early. We're genuinely curious to find out why you thought that.


I love the CSA, think its great.


Good to hear that.

Really appreciated the "free table" and exchange option we had with the old method....
Sees as if there should be a way to have a "bonus" with bumper crops

Your veggies are beautiful, your philosophy and farm mgmnt are fabulous.....just wish you were a little more flexible.
I truly don't "get" the inability of you to put a bag of veggies aside for someone who can't make it.  The "given it away" answer seems disingenuous.....It's a bit rigid.   I missed one day this year...
I realize it is not a process that could be undertaken often....but geez
everyone should get a "pass" at least once a season...

Would love to stay with the box method, and have the ability to purchase extra some weeks...........did the pick your own go by the wayside...........except for berries?

About being more flexible: we're really not trying to be difficult, but find that we have to be strict about pickup times based on past experience. In past years, we used to call people who forgot to pick up their share, and put it aside for them to be picked up later. This got to be overwhelming, not because of the difficulty of putting a bag of veggies aside, but because of the disruption it caused to our work day when the person came to pick it up. On non-CSA days, we need to be out in the field working, and if five people come to pick up their share from the previous day, that's five times that we must interrupt our work, come out of the field to the CSA area to help them, and so on. Doing this for one person may not seem like a big disruption, but with the number of CSA members we have, it definitely is. That is why we made it a strict rule that CSA shares must be picked up during CSA hours.


We love getting the farm report


We like writing it.


Loved it, only wish it went through October.


Post-CSA sales are an option.

Awesome to have some choice among different veggies, and even among veggies within a species.  Maybe one day I want fully ripe tomatoes, and another day I want tomatoes that will be fully ripe in a day or two.  I could choose larger or smaller items in boxes too.  I like larger potatoes and smaller tomatoes, so could choose boxes with these preferences.

Favorite:  The food is grown and harvested with love and care.  The food is grown with attention to environmental sustainability and nutrition.

Least favorite:  I want to learn to preserve food, and to put more time into cooking from scratch.  Hard to keep up with all the food as I learn!!  (I could get one share, but then I lose the perfect amount of some things, and the choice that I get with two shares.)  It's a stretch to come up with things I don't like.  I did my best, but mostly I'm happy!

Dry beans, such as black beans.  Do to the labor required, we could shell them ourselves.  I think they still may need to be dried though, before piled altogether.  I'm not sure what would be involved.

Can you provide an insert for the cookbook in how to prepare the worm from the corn for an appetizer???  (YUCK!)  It would likely be appreciated food in some parts of the world...

Glad to hear you're happy with the CSA.


Favorite - lettuces, beets, peppers, onions, tomatoes, squashes

least favorite - arugula, turnips




I had done the debit the past 3 years but really liked the box.  It was much easier for me in terms of planning my meals.  I really liked the choices in the boxes.  Makes loads of sense!

I love what your family does so that I can feed my family with a clear conscience.  THANKS for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. It's good to hear that Box works well for you.

Debit Option Comments

If you have been in other CSAs, what did we do better / not as well?

What are your favorite and/or least favorite things about the CSA?

Please add any additional comments: what you liked this season and what we can do better; requests for other veggies, grains, etc.; what direction you would like to see the farm go in; or anything you want to share.

Our responses


favorites: quality of produce. And the constant improvement to diversify.

least favorite: definitely the distance.

Although I plan on leaving the CSA, I hope you will keep in touch. I enjoy and learn from the field report.

Distance can definitely be a problem, and we encourage people not to come to the CSA from too far away. It can get burdensome, all that weekly travel, plus, it's not good for the environment. We hope you find a CSA you like closer to where you live.


Quality, variety, and friendliness of Ed and Raluca


Thank you for your comments. Regarding eggs: we keep chickens for soil fertility, insect control and eggs for our family. There are periods when we have more eggs than we can eat, and then we sell them. We don't, however plan to sell eggs on a larger scale than we currently do because it is not economical for us to do so. We feed our chickens organic and move them daily, which is expensive in terms of money and labor. At the price most people are willing to pay for eggs, it does not make sense for us to sell them.

Most importantly, your produce is always very clean and fresh, and apportioned appropriately. You also share interesting ways to enjoy cooking and eating the produce. You are very attentive to growing the crops responsibly and balancing that with meeting your customers' needs.

General favorite: Being so much closer to the source of the food I cook and eat.
More specific favorite: Having a small part in supporting your family's well-planned and executed CSA efforts.

I am not sure if you have the time to educate other potential CSA farmers about your successful operation, such as mentoring another family (far enough away so as to not be competitive with yours)?   This would be a way of expanding this wonderful movement, without expanding the size of your farm. And perhaps your customers could  subsidize your efforts to make this happen, such as contributing to a scholarship or workshop event.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We have been sharing our farming experience with young farmers who come to us, and this year we organized a gardening class for those interested in growing their own food. We plan to continue doing this.


chatting with the producers
makes me feel good
waiting for the blueberries next year... you could even do a u-pick

in IL, the farm stands always had corn with worms - we just cut them out - corn and tomatoes were often the summer menu at our house - that's all

We will probably do pick your own blueberries once production begins.


Quality of the produce is usually excellent with rare exception.
Least favorite thing is feeling stuck with the same day and time for pick up all season.

More opportunities to pick your own.  Would have enjoyed making pickles together again.
Thanks again for a great season.

We are planting blueberries this year and will have PYO when they start producing. We didn't do pickling this year because of sparse attendance in the past. But we will consider it again in the future.


I like the clipboard showing our weekly balance so we are always up to date.  I do find an occasional error with next week's sign up where someone else has signed up in my row.  (and I've prob. made the same mistake...) Maybe we could sign up online or send our pre-orders another way?

If I can participate, I'll be cutting back to a half share next year so everything you are currently doing works for me.

We do plan to go with an online ordering system in 2014, as you suggested. Glad to hear you like the field reports - we like sharing what's happening on the farm and hearing people's comments.


Veggies are really fantastic!!  Sometimes if I am away I cannot come on the assigned day and then I end up with extra amt of $$ at the end of the year.  I think I had to miss about 4-5 Thursdays this year.

I think everything is great!!

Thank you!


MY favorite is knowing where our food came from, knowing it was not sprayed with pesticides (even friends and neighbors can't be trusted as much!)
Least favorite is having to go at a specified time in the afternoons.

Curious about the rice.  Did you ever do that?

Yes, we harvested the rice, but never found a way to thresh it. We still have it…


We love the greens and carrots.  We love the quality of the food.  The pick up and ordering process definitely improved as the season went along.

We love the quality of the produce.  Would prefer an earlier spring start. Although pick up and ordering process improved, there is probably still room for a smoother process.  Happy to hear that you are adding blueberries.

Yes, there's always room for improvement, and yearly surveys are very helpful to us in that respect. Thank you.


having quality fresh veggies
maybe have a weekend pick-up?

enjoy supporting local farmers : )

We did consider weekend pickup, but a CSA member survey in the past indicated that most people prefer Mondays and Thursdays, and that is why we chose those days.


The entire experience was wonerful

Is it possible to grow fennel

Raluca is considering fennel.


Favorite – everything!  Awesome veggies, the most beautiful and tasty I have ever had.   And adorable kitties, love the kitties!


We also like the outside setup more in some ways. It's nice to be out in natural light, but it gets inconvenient on rainy, cold, or windy days. Also, the veggies hold up better inside with the cooler temps.

Your vegetables are so clean and pest free.  It’s amazing and a joy!!!  Thank you!


We love your CSA!  It feels like an extension of our home.  Thank you for providing such high quality foods for my family to enjoy.  With our thanks,   Heather, Mark, Cuin and Maeryn

Thank you very much. It's nice to have your family back.


Favorite:  The food the food the food--so beautiful so good.  The lovely exchanges we have with Ed & Raluca and other people picking up their food.  Knowing we are contributing to healthy soil, a real food future.

Least favorite:  inflexibility of pickup times.


Yes, healthy soil is the real food future.


I love the variety of vegetables.




I love the variety.


Thank you!


It is wonderful to have organic locally grown lovingly grown produce. As I mentioned, the debit plan is the best option for me and very much appreciated; there are many things I just don't eat and this way I can select what I need.

I very much love blueberries so I am glad that you are planting blueberry bushes.  I also love sweet potatoes so I hope they are more successful next year.

Thank you both for what you do; it has just been wonderful ... body and soul nourishing.

Thank you for your appreciation.


Great quality of veggies. I like when we get the chance to talk about your farming, etc.

We talked about the possibility of you hosting a class. I would love that! I'd probably buy anything you have to sell - grains, fruit, etc. I'd love to buy eggs from you, but I understand the high cost of feed. Maple syrup? You guys are doing a great job! Thank you for feeding our families :)

Thank you! You're right about the CSA getting bigger and less time to chat. We don't like that either. We're planning to reduce the CSA size in 2014, so that should help.

We have not been in other CSAs.

Everything looks and tastes great.

We are very happy and looking forward to next year.

Great. We are looking forward to 2014 too.

If you have been in other CSAs, what did we do better / not as well?

What are your favorite and/or least favorite things about the CSA?

Please add any additional comments: what you liked this season and what we can do better; requests for other veggies, grains, etc.; what direction you would like to see the farm go in; or anything you want to share.



* delicious, local, organic produce
* very pleasant interactions with owners


Thank you


Love your space and presentation.  Love the orange cherry tomatoes.  Love lettuce as a weekly option.









I liked the longer pick-up window. Being open until 7 helped us get our veggies some weeks when we couldn't get there earlier.

Glad that the extended hours were helpful.


Great owners!! Very helpful in every aspect. Great community  of members. AND wonderful food. Loved our first year. You have something very special and we are fortunate to have you in our area. Thanks for all your hard work.

Larger print on order form!! need more veggies before my eyesight improves. Would love to have fruits added

We do have an orchard with apples, pears and Asian pears, and peaches will be planted in 2014, so in the next 3 years you should start seeing some fruit. Also, we will continue with raspberries and blueberries will be planted in 2014 as well.


You, as concerned, dedicated providers of great organic food are my favorite "thing" about the CSA. Your interaction and concern for your members and the environment are awe-inspiring. The wonderful; food you produce is my second favorite. I have recommended you to many people.

Keep up the good work! It is great that you are investing in fruit trees and thinking of modest expansion. The Field Reports are appreciated as is hearing from you from time to time in the winter.
My most favorite veggie: the heirloom tomatoes. As you know,  I can consume pounds of them and hope that you offer the bulk purchase of them again this coming year.

I am planning on being a full member next year and continuing to gift Omar and Suzanne with a membership as well.

Thank you very much! We're grateful that you feel this way.

This is our only one, and it's wonderful.

The wonderful quality of the produce and your friendly and helpful ways!

We have been so satisfied with the CSA, and plan to remain members as long as you continue.  I know it would be costly and labor intensive, but I love the tiny french green beans - if those could be offered.  I appreciate your flexibility with the bulk orders - both being flexible on when I got the cukes and basil, and allowing me to use the money set aside for peppers when they weren't available.  We have no complaints at all. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind comments! We'll look into different types of beans for 2014.



I would love to have broad beans- lots of them!

We'll look into different types of beans for 2014.


We like the quality and cleanliness of the vegetables. You do an incredible job preparing everything for members.

The check off sheets worked very well. We did not participate in the box but the account balance option and greatly appreciate the flexibility that gives us.


Ed is very tough on quality control. Glad to see it's appreciated.


Favorite - Being able to have beautiful, organic, locally grown, produce each week  - and the sense of community and connection with you and your family and with other CSA participants. 

No least favorite thing.

Our only concern is that the CSA, which works so well for those of us who participate, be financially sustainable for you family.

Yes, financial sustainability is always a challenge. Thank you for thinking and caring about our family.



Sweet potatoes?  Haven't seen those yet.
Any chance for seedless watermelon?  We didn't like the watermelon too much and there were a lot of seeds.  Call us spoiled on seedless, I guess.

Sweet potatoes were seriously set back by the rains and cold weather in June. We did harvest them, but only in late October, too late for the CSA.