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Shundahai Farm


Raluca Mocanu and Ed Wazer

253 Maple Road

Storrs, CT 06268

(860) 429-0695

Who We Are and Our Philosophy

Greetings from the farmers, Raluca and Ed.  Shundahai is our small family farm of 5 acres, located 1 mile from University of Connecticut and started in 2009. We grow over 30 different vegetable crops for our CSA, which is now in its sixth year. Our farm name means: “Peace and Harmony with all Creation” in Shoshone, and it captures the spirit in which we farm and live.

Our goal, in farming, is soil health and fertility, and overall environmental health. We do not use herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or anything else of the kind, whether approved by Organic Certification or not.

What is the purpose of our farm?

A few years ago, our 8-year-old daughter, Sena, said: “The purpose of our farm is to teach people about the Earth, so they can help the Earth.” How do we do that?

·         By growing healthy, tasty food, and drawing the connection between healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy people;

·         By having CSA members come to our farm on a weekly basis, understanding where their food comes from, how it changes with the season, and how it is grown.

·         By teaching groups of children and adults about different food growing practices and how they impact our health and the earth.

Our hope is that through our CSA we can help people feel more connected to the land, and encourage them to make positive choices in their daily lives, positive for their health, for the earth, and for all of us.

Why We Farm

"Some of the reasons I decided to farm: to provide the healthiest food possible for my children – protecting them from the heavy pesticide residue found on food in commercial agriculture, to learn to grow food in a sustainable way ".  - Ed

"For me, farming arose as a natural extension of our lifestyle. I farm because I like to grow and cook healthy, fresh food for my family and community. I farm because I love to be outside, close to the land, and need to feel connected to the rhythms of nature.  I farm because I like to live a simple, self-sufficient life, and need to do work which I find meaningful. Finally, I farm because I am in awe of the mystery of life and working with the land gives me a practical and tangible way of practicing my spirituality." – Raluca

Peace !